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    The Prophecy Portal! - "You will hear of wars and rumors of wars, but see to it that you are not alarmed.........." Matt. 24:6-8


4 Horsemen of the Apocalypse

   Let us take another trip into the Prophecy Portal! In Rev. 6 Jesus shows us another aspect of Judgment poured out or as a Christ rejecting world! The opening of the seal reveals the coming wrath of God!

   The seal represents the authenticity of the scrolls contents. It represents the security of the contents as long as it remains unbroken. As the Lamb breaks the seal God's plan begins to unfold!

   There is a revelation of four horses. The first is described as white. Many theologians declare it represents Christ but not so, for Christ is the lamb opening the seal. It is my contention that the rider is the Anti-Christ. He comes first as a diplomat with military backing hence a bow with no arrow; he has a crown which was given him. God grants him limited power to captivate and control the minds of men!

   The second horse is red symbolizing death and destruction! Wide spread war will break out. The Anti-Christ will bring multitudes to their knees through military forces. For God will grant power to take peace from the earth. His military supremacy will overwhelm earth’s populace. That is clearly seen in the great sword granted him. John tell us to watch for this great diplomat and military strategist.

   The third horse revealed when the seal is broken is a black horse - It represents the Anti-Christ as an Economist extraordinaire! He has a set of scales in his hand. Inflation is at an all time high. A quart of wheat is costing a days wages; three quarts of barley has a similar cost! The poor are getting poorer and the rich are getting richer for they are cautioned not to hurt the oil and the wine. Economic disaster is on the horizon and at that point the Anti-Christ introduces the mark which will be the only means of buying and selling! Those who reject the mark will face disastrous consequences.

   The pale horse makes its entrance bringing with him death. Most writers agree that pestilence will prevail at this time! It has been stated in the last ten years 30 new diseases have made themselves felt on the earth! The corroding and decaying of flesh will be evident.

   It's putrefying stench will cover the land as a thick blanket! Combined with warfare throughout the world one quarter of the total population will die and be cast into Hell!

   Four judgments are coming; The sword [military might], Hunger [famine], Pestilence [death], and the beasts of the earth [carnivore]. Judgment is Coming! All will be there! Avoid is at all cost!

        Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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