Furniture of the Holy Place (Exodus 25:31-40)
I. Table of the shewbread (12 Loaves)
  The shewbread represents the Word of God. We are to feed on the Word daily. From this daily feeding we gain our strength and sufficiency to fight the fight of faith.

II. Golden candlestick
  The Golden Candlestick provides supernatural light. It represents Jesus who is the Light of the World. Each holder contained a pot of oil representing the provision the Holy Spirit makes for us.

III. Altar of incense
  The hot coals were brought from the Brazen Altar and then the sweet incense was sprinkled there with the frangrance going up to God. Our prayers are like the incense (Rev.8:4)

The Three Pieces of Furniture teach us to feed on the Word, be filled with the Spirit and have an effective prayer life.

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