Articles in the Tabernacle
  Immediately after entering the door of the outer court there was found an altar constructed of acacia wood and overlaid with bronze. Upon it was placed thesacrifice for the Bible teaches without the shedding of blood there is no redemption. The priest assisted in making the sacrifice for he would hold the creature while it was killed. The party then for whom the sacrifice was offered would place his hands upon the sacrifice and confess his sins. The animal then served as a substitute for his or her sins. This is a wonderful type of pointing to Jesus Christ for He is the Lamb of God who taken away the sins of the world. We must come to the cross and lay our sins on Jesus.The result is forgiveness and the right to enter in.

THE LAVER (Ex.30:17-31)
  The Laver was a large bronze basin containing water. It was made from the bronze looking glasses of Israeli women(Ex.38:8). Nothing is said about its dimensions for it represents the Word of God. According to Matt. 24:35 the Word of God has no limitations. The Laver was a mirror according to James 1:22-24. One could look into its depths and determine the sin demanding cleansing. We all are as an unclean thing hence the need for the cleansing power of the laver. How shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed according to your word (Psalm 119:9) The Laver took away the dirt. The priests would come who were covered in blood, grime and dust for cleansing. Believers who are covered with worldliness an inward sin must come for the cleasing power.

 The tabernacle was really a tent. It was one hundred cubits in length and fifty in width. The outside was covered with badger skins. As a consequence the outside was rough, brown and unattractive. It reminds us the unsaved are not attracted to Christianity. T he second skin was made of ram and dyed red representing the blood. The third skin was of goat's hair, white in color, representing the purity of Jesus. Inside curtain was woven in colors of blue,purple,red and white. Throughout the curtain were interwoven Cherubim. It served as a ceiling for the Holy Place. The four colors remind us of Christ. His coming from heaven (blue), His blood (red), His perfection (white) and His royalty (purple).

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