Introduction to The Tabernacle
I .God Is Always Specific (Ex.25-31)
  When God gave Moses instruction to build the Tabernacle He was specific! Noah had a similar experience when told to build the Ark. God is always specific when dealing with His people. He leaves no doubt as to His intentions.

II.God Is Always Detailed (Ex.25:2-35:5)
  The structure was to be 175' in length and 150' in width. The material requirements were 2400 lbs of gold, 8400 lbs of silver and 8400 lbs of brass. The fabric to be used was of finest quality: cloth of blue, purple, scarlet, fine twined linen, coverings of goats hair, skins of rams and badger or seal. It was further required to have Acacia wood (hardest wood known), precious stones (for the High Priest's vestments), olive oil and sweet spices.

III.God Is Always Demanding (Ex.36:5-6)
  God uses people. He told Moses, "Have the people bring an offering". It was to be taken from the wealth obtained in Egypt. They brought so much they had to be restrained in their giving.

IV.God Is Always Selective (Ex.35:30-32)
  He chose Bazaleel to serve as contractor. The man had an eye for beauty and detail. He was a skilled artisan. He was a gifted teacher. Most of all he was filled with the Holy Spirit.

V.God Is Always Accessible (Ex. 27:16)
 The entire Tabernacle enclosure took nine months to complete. It was a fenced enclosure with curtains covering the entire structure. Seven feet high it was just above eye level. To see inside one must enter through the door. The gate of entry faced east and consisted of multi colored curtains;blue reminding us that God(Jesus) came from Heaven!; white reminding us of His purity and perfection; red reminding us of the necessary shed blood and purple reminding us of royalty and that He is King of Kings and Lord of Lords!

 Gaining entrance required a blood sacrifice. The rich were to bring a bullock; the middle class a lamb or goat and the poor were to bring turtle doves or pidgeons. They were to be sacrificed and the blood to be sprinkled on the altar. This sacrifice was to be repeated yearly but the death of Christ was once for all. Consequently by His death we all may gain entrance"for whosoever will may come"!

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