Tips for Teaching Adults

Teaching adults should be exciting and inspirational. If effective it will change them for the better! Here are four tips:

Tip One - Capture Attention - Get their attention immediately or you will lose it completely. Make a challenging statement or ask a thought provoking question!

Tip Two - Promote Participation - A basic law of leaving is involvement. Use projects, crafts and audiovisuals..

Tip Three - Emphasize main points - Teach a few significat ideas or concepts. Quality not quanityt is what you are seeking.

Tip Four - Apply lessons to life - Make it relevent. Make it apply in a practical way to everyday life.

Let us incorporate these principles into our Sunday School service. It will help us to create an atmosphere of growth! God bless your every effort in building a growing Sunday School.

Yours for bigger and better Sunday Schools,
In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard