Ways to grow a healthy Sunday School
  1. The Sunday School is the 'School' of the church! - Arthur Flake

  2. Sunday School provides a unique organization to reach people of all ages. - Bill Sullivan

  3. The Sunday School must become the place where people study God's Word and come to know Jesus Christ as their personal Lord and Saviour . - Ken Hemphill

  4. The Sunday School is a great place to meet new frineds, grow in the love of Christ, and become more deeply rooted in the faith! - Terry Toler

  5. If the Sunday School is to improve, it must change. If it is to grow, it must plan for growth. - Monte Nabors

  6. A Sunday School can never grow beyond it's ability to care for it's guests. - Stan Toler

  7. What can be done to strengthen Sunday School in the local church? "Make Suday School the top priority." - Lyle E. Schaller

  8. The Sunday School must not change it's purpose, but it must go "back to the basics," for the old is again being new. - Elmer Towns

  9. In Sunday School, everything rises and falls on leadership. - Lee Roberson

  10. Sunday School promotion: "Plan it Big - Keep it simple!" - John Rawlings

  11. Sunday School classes must become the provider of pastoral care. - David A. Slamp

Yours for bigger and better Sunday Schools,

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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