The reason for Sunday School

  Why purchase costly Sunday School curriculum materials? Why plead for volunteers to serve as teachers? Why search for the best leadership to give guidance as Superintendents? There is only one reason and that reason is winning souls. The Bible declares, "He that winneth souls is wise," {Pro. 11:30}. It is a fact the personnel of our Sunday Schools display great wisdom. Observe with me that they are:
  1. Wise in their choices of objectives - Priority one is winning souls. Their goal is too seek and save the lost. Nothing less brings satisfaction.

  2. Wise in their use of time - They live consistently with eternal values in view. They fully realize the lateness of the hour and the length of eternity! They are compelled to go into Samaria.

  3. Wise in their choices of values - These dedicated people realize the value of one's soul. To them that one is worth all of the effort, all of the frustration, all of the expense. The soul is worth the whole world!

  4. Wise in their choices of methods - These ingenious people are aware that methods change but the message never. Their approach is as varied as the individuals they share with!
  This then is our reason for being. Let us reach out with every available means to win lost souls! Together we can do it!

Yours for bigger and better Sunday Schools,

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard