It Bothers Me

As a pastor and former disrict Sunday School Secretary there are things that bother me. I suppose conscientious people should be bothered once in a while.

It bothers me when I see such a lack of vision for enlargeing the Sunday Schools. I realize the Bible teaches that without a vision the people perish. May I add that Sunday School disintegrates as well!

It bothers me that we can't develop a more innovative and practical program. We just don't change anything lest we upset the apple cart. I think a few apple carts need upsetting.

It bothers me when I see such shoddy preparation on the part of many teachers. To me teaching a class is a formidable task and it demands the best I can give. I am prepared to put hours into my preparation; what about you?

It bothers me when people attend Sunday School so sporadically. The up and down attendance patterns is baffling. I want to be there; how about you?

It bothers me when I see so little concern for absentees or visitors. I think they are worthy of a call, a card or a visit. With our lack of outreach, it is no wonder that few darken our church doorway!

It bothers me that people find our program format so unattractive that they don't care to return. I want to do something about that, don't you?

If these things bother you too, let's do something about them.

Yours for bigger and better Sunday Schools,

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard