Second Coming of the Messiah
Second Coming of the Messiah

  Down through the years Orthodox Jewish Rabbis have pointed out the coming of the Messiah after three signs are in place! Here they are:

One - Automobile traffic jams in Jerusalem with accidents occuring with frequency! Driving at high rates of speed with no regard for others. Brilliant head lights and tailights lighting up the night. - Nahum 2:3-4

Two - Ariel defenses in place. For hundreds of years Jerusalem has been a beleagured city overrun by one gentile power after another. In 1917 the city was under the control of the nation of Turkey. As England's General Allenby marched into the city with his troops newly built airplanes flew overhead. When the turks saw men flying as birds they dropped their weapons and fled with out a shot being fired. The consistent flying of jets overhead is a fulfillment of Isaiah 31:5.

Three - A fertile and productive land - when the nation of Israel was established in 1948 it was a dry, barren, rocky area of the world. God had said, however, "that it would blossom as the rose." Today it has been wondrously transformed into miles of fertile land producing lush vegetation predicted in Isaiah 35:1

All scripture points to His soon Return.

          Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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