12 signs that the end is near
12 signs that the end is near

I am not a date setter. The Word is clear that no man knows the hour wherein the Son of Man cometh. The precise moment we cannot know but the signs of the times are everywhere. Here are some that are evident in the Word.

  1. Psychological breakdown (Luke 21:25-26)
  2. Moral Collapse (Luke 17:26)
  3. Abandonment of the faith (cults growing) (1 Tim. 4:1)
  4. Escalation of lawlessness (Matt. 24:12)
  5. Coming of scoffers (2 Peter 3:3)
  6. Widespread persecution (Mark 13:12-13)
  7. Growing affluence (James 5:3)
  8. Military buildup (Matt. 24:6)
  9. Knowledge and travel (Dan. 12:4)
  10. Peace conferences (1 Thess. 5:3)
  11. Worldwide evangelism (Matt. 24:14)
  12. Jews accepting Jesus (Rom. 11:25-26)
The signs are clear. The end is near! Let us look up for our redemption draweth near.

Scripture:     "But the end of all things is at end: be ye therefore sober and watch unto prayer." (1 Peter 4:7)
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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