Accuracy of Bible Prophecy
Accuracy of Bible Prophecy

  1. Israel controls Jerusalem (Luke 21:24)
    a. Jerusalem was controlled by Gentiles from 586 B.C. until June 1967
  2. Jesus predicted destruction of second temple (Matt. 24:2)
    a. Occured in 70 A D
    b. A third temple to be constructed
  3. Red China boasts of a 2,000,000 man army (Rev. 19:16)
    a. Enter Armageddon battlefield
  4. European Comman Market Formed (Rev. 13:1)
    a. Ultimatly a 10 nation confederacy
  5. World's last and most powerful Dictator (Rev. 13)
    a. Man of peace, charm, cleverness
    b. Rules the world for 3.5 years
  6. Increase in wars (Matt. 24:6)
    a. W.W.I (8,500,000 killed)
    b. W.W.II (52,000,000 killed)
  7. Earthquakes (Matt. 24:7)
    a. In various places
  8. Famines (Matt. 24:7)
    a. Average of 6,000 die daily
  9. 9. Heart attacks Increasing (Luke 21:26)
    a. Two contributing factor
      1. worry & overindulgence
  10. Explosion of Knowledge (Dan. 12:4)
    a. Scientific enlightenment without moral dedication
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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