"And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh." Luke 21:28

Bible Scholars everywhere are declaring that ‘signs of the times’ are pointing to the culmination of the age. Jesus is about ready to translate the church to the heavenly realm! Here are some Biblical signs pointing to that great event!

First is the birth of a nation. Israel became a nation on May 14, 1948. It had been predicted by the prophet [Isaiah 66:8]. It happened just as he said,

Secondly there is a shocking moral decline. In the current generation anything goes. We are without moral standards [II Tim. 3:3a] It is no longer Adam and Eve but Adam and Fred. We have come to the place where any kind of sexual behavior is considered as an alternate life style. It has happened just as Paul predicted!

Thirdly our world is plagued by famines, violence ad wars. One of six people on the planet suffer from hunger; violence is epidemic and over 100 conflicts have developed since 1990. It is happening just as Jesus said, [Matt. 24:6-8]

Fourthly there has been a dramatic increase in earthquakes worldwide [Matt. 24:7]. During the 1940’s there were 51 above the Richter scale of 6:0. In the 1990’s earthquakes occurred at the rate of 1,514. It has happened just as Jesus predicted.

Fifthly one of the most amazing predictions came from the pen of Daniel the prophet when he declared "Many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased." [Dan. 12:4] Advances in air travel and computer technology boggle the mind. It has happened just as Daniel said!

Sixtly as Paul predicted we have a form of godliness but have denied the power! [II Tim. 3:5] Like Samson of old we are going through the motions. Hear Samson as he declared "I will go out as at other times before and shake myself. And he wist not that the Lord was departed from him!" [Judges 16:20] Multitudes are going through the motions and will miss the returns of the Lord Jesus.

These are but some of the reasons we anticipate His return. Why not join me in preparing for His coming. It could be today for our redemption is drawing nigh!

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