The Anti-christ

  The stage is set. The door is open for the entrance of the anti-christ. The world is crying out for "the man". A man who will bring order out of chaos; a man who will produce economic stability; a man who will bring peace to the Middle East. Such a man is waiting in the wings. Soon he will be introduced as the savior and the world will receive him.

He has numerous identifying marks.
  1. He will be a man of great charisma. {Dan. 7:20} - He will speak with such persuasiveness that the multitudes will hinge on every word. So convincing will he be that nations will fall into his plans.
  2. He will be a man of great intellect. {Dan. 8:23} - Problems will be resolved readily as he proves his brilliance to the world. The most difficult items will be cared for because of his deep insight.
  3. He will be a man of force. {Dan. 11:38} - He will worship at the throne of military power. His philosophy "The guys with the biggest guns and most bullets wins." He will spend whatever necessary to gain military control!
  4. He will persecute Israel. {Dan. 7:25} - At first glance he will cultivate a peace agreement with the nation. Established for seven years the covenant will bring peace and security to that troubled land. Mid way through the period allotted, the anti-christ will break the covenant bringing his wrath against the people of God. Engaging in "ethnic cleansing" he will wear out the saints.
  5. He will blaspheme God. {2 Thess. 2:4} - As he desecrates the temple in Jerusalem he will attempt to set himself up in the position of power. His intention to overthrow Christ as his father Satan attempted to overthrow God.
  6. He will be destroyed by the coming of Christ. {2 Thess. 2:8} - Finally the "permissive will of God" will be exhausted and Christ will manifest himself. The rule of the anti-christ will end as Jesus takes the throne as King of kings and Lord of lords. He shall consume and destroy the anti-christ in one final battle!
Hallalujah He wins and we do too!

In Jesus;
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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