History written in advance

  The Bible is the only book in all the world that writes history in advance! Repeatedly the Old Testament speaks of events yet to happen. Among the writers of prophecy is Zechariah. This saint of the Old Testament focused much attention on Israel and its people.

In Zechariah 8:7-8 he predicted the return of the Jews to Jerusalem. Although scattered repeatedly thought out the world in 1967 during the six day war they reclaimed control of their ancient capital Jerusalem just as predicted!

  Again in Zechariah 8:12 it is predicted the land would be fruitful! From a barren, non productive land to a land exporting food to many countries! Indeed the nation is as a blossoming rose.

  Then too inspite of terrible persecution against the Jews it is slated in Zech. 8:13 that the people will be protected by the grace of God!

  Further Zechariah stated in Chapter 8:22 that many people would go to Jerusalem to seek God's favor! Since the 1967 war people from around the world have toured Jerusalem visiting the holiest sites of Judaism and Christianity!

  In addition it is predicted that Jerusalem would become an international problem (Zech. 12:1-5) currently there is contention between Jews and Muslims regarding Jerusalem as a capital. Ultimately many will vie for the establishment of an international city!

  Finally in Zechariah chapter 14:12 it is predicted that nations attacking Jerusalem will be struck with a plaque having the effects on the body of chemical weapons or the blast of heat from a nuclear weapon.

Indeed history has been written in advance.

        Rev. W. Scott Lockard