14 ways to kill Sunday School
1)  Attend only when convenient.
2)  When you do attend, arrive late.
3)  Grumble about having to attend.
4)  Criticize the officers and techers in front of your family and friends.
5)  Refuse to accept any responcibility in the Sunday School. If you ever do accept any, do it grudgingly and neglect it often.
6)   Never study your lesson.
7)   Always show your lack of interest in the lesson.
8)   Appear relieved when the class is over.
9)   Refuse to welcome visitors; make them feel that you belong and they not.
10)   Criticize every new idea that is suggested.
11)   Dominate discussions; always insits that your opinon is right.
12)   Regard the techers of your children as upstarts and busy bodies.
13)    Show your distrust or disapproval of teachers when they call in your home.
14)    Never sacrifice for the Sunday School; leave that to somebody else.

- Pulpithelps.com