"And the desire of all nations shall come:" Haggai 2:7

  Tucked away in the Old Testament is a prophetic pronouncement that ranks among the greatest! As Haggai spoke of temple reconstruction he observes the inferiority and inexpensive nature of the material in comparison to Solomon's Temple.Then he says,"the glory of this latter house shall be greater than the former"! The reason for this startling statement is found in our text!

  The scripture says,"the desire of all nations shall come". Whether mankind realizes it or not they are looking for a savior, a redeemer, a king!

  He has come! He graced the temple when He was dedicated by Mary and Joseph. He confounded learned scholars when He questioned them at the age of twelve! He stood in the hallowed halls and spoke words of life to them declaring that He was the fulfillment of all prophecy!

  He cleared the temple throwing out the money changers and stating emphatically: My house shall be called a" House of Prayer"! He predicted the destruction of the temple by the Roman hoardes.

  Finally He declared His death and ressurection on the third day! He further said,"He would go away but He would come again! The desire of all nations is about to make His entrance! Are you ready to meet Him? If not. Why not make preparation today? We will both be glad you did!

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard
©2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries