"This is the day that the Lord hath made;we will rejoice and be glad in it." Psalm 118:24

  It's amazing what praising will do! We never know what a day will bring so our approach to that day makes all the difference in the world!

  I awakened this morning to the sound of rain. Now I know we need it but I don't care to slosh around in it. I can rejoice though because I got a new umbrella.

  Yesterday the leaves had carpeted our front yard and needed raking and bagging badly. I don't care to rake leaves for it causes my back to ache. I can rejoice though because I got some new icy hot linament!

  Paul and Silas faced many calamities too! They make my problems seem incidental. Going about the business of winning souls they were pestered by a demon possessed young girl. Paul finally had enough and banished the demon power. The results were phenomenal for the young girl was made whole. It robbed some people of their meal ticket. They were none too happy and had Paul and Silas imprisoned!

  In that dark,dank place they could have spent a night if gloom, doom and misery but they didn't! We find them there rejoicing in the midnight hour! They could rejoice "because greater is He that is in you than He that is in the world"! Let us remember friends God made the and we can rejoice for His goodness and grace!

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard
©2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries