I Just Heard From God Today And He Said,
"Think on these things..." Phil. 4:8

I was thinking that if our homes were 'Havens of Rest' rather than places of bitterness and wrangling that we would have far less delinquency among our young people.

That is less pornography and obscenity were broadcast over our television and shown on our newsstands that the incidences of rape, sexual abuse and incest would dramatically drop.

That if drug pushers were given stiffer penalties instead of a slap on the wrist that the rate of drug addiction would decrease quickly.

I was thinking that if our churches showed greater friendliness and enthusiasm that the congregations would increase in size overnight.

That if we didn't sneeringly say "The devil made me do it" taking his power lightly we wouldn't be apt to fall so tragically.

That if we didn't question the authenticity and credibility of the bible we would much more readily accept its guidance.

That if we were not so 'narrow minded' we would much more readily accept or at least consider the viewpoints of others.

That if we as children of God were more Christ-like those who look on us would be less likely to say 'If that's religion I sure don't want it!'

I was thinking you and I could put 'shoes' to our prayers if we took these things seriously and did whatever necessary to make needed changes. Come on church let us rise up and be counted!
In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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