I Just Heard From God Today And He Said,
"By whom also we have access by faith.." Rom. 5:2

  Everywhere you look today there are handicapped ramps. They make areas normally inaccessible available to those who have physical problems. It is a great improvement and about time. It opens so many doors to those who are hindered physically.

  Just as those physically handicapped need access ramps so we who are spiritually handicapped need similar ramps! We are terribly limited by "our sin." It hinders us from gaining access to our God. We desperately need a ramp of access. Our "self life" is another great hindrance. It keeps us from being at our best as envying, strife and divisions surface again and again! We desperately need a ramp of access.

  Thankfully such a ramp was made available at Calvary. Jesus opened access through His blood provision. No longer need our sin sin hinder access. We can have our sins erased; our slate wiped cleaned. As a direct result access into the presence of God is granted. By faith we can come with no hindrance!

  No longer need the "self life" or "sin nature" keep us down. We can climb to unlimited heights as our hearts are cleansed and the ramp of access is open to us! By faith we can enter the holy of holies by the blood of Jesus!

Access is ours! Let us enter in boldly!

In Jesus',
Rev. W. Scott Lockard

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