Moses - Man of God

I. He was Sympathetic (Heb. 11:23)
II. He was self denying (Heb. 11:24)
III. He was conscientious (Heb. 11:25)
IV. He was discriminating (Heb. 11:26)

Characteristics of:
A. Preserved in youth (Ex. 2:2-10)
B. Contended with evil (Ex. 7:11)
C. Fasted forty days (Ex. 34:28)
D. Controlled the sea (Ex. 14:21)
E. Fed a multitude (Ex. 16:15)

Moses life reveals:
I. The Providence of God (Ex. 2:1-10)
II. The Pronouncement of God (Ex. 3:1-14)
III. The Provision of God (Ex. 4:1-2)
VII. Man of loyalty (8:22-23)

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