Jehosaphat - Jehovah is Judge

1. A recorder during the reign of David and Solomon (2 Sam. 8:16)
2. One of Solomon's Purveyors (1 Kings 4:17)
    The man with a good record

I. He was one of the best Kings of Judah (1 Kings 15:24)
II. He had a Godly father whose example he emulated (2 Chron. 14:2)
III. He developed a system of Religious instruction for the people (2 Chron. 17:7-9)
IV. He commanded the Judges to be just (2 Chron. 19:6-9)
V. He trusted God for victory in a crisis (2 Chron. 20)
VI. He manifested weakness in His Alliance with wicked kings (1 Kings 22:1-36)

Conclusion: He walked in the ways of His father David and because of His Godward bent, The Lord was with Jehosaphat.

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