John the Baptist

I.Self Denial (Matt. 3:4)
   A. Gave up comforts & conveniences
II.Courage (Matt. 3:7)
   A. Stood against sin
III.Obedience (Matt. 3:15)
   A.Responded to the will of God
IV.Powerful Preacher(Mk. 1:5)
   A.Unanimous response
V.Humility (Mk. 1:7)
   A.Felt sence of unworthiness
VI.Holiness(Mk. 6:20)
   A.Apparent in His demeanor
VII.Burning zeal (John5:35)
   A.All consuming passion for souls
VIII. Faith in Christ (John 1:29)
   A.Believed in the life and death of Jesus
IX.Fulness of the spirit (Luke 1:15-17)
   A.Sanctified from mother's womb
X.Beheaded by Herod (Matt. 14:1,4,13)

John makes the transition from law to grace

"First baptist minister to lose his head through dancing"

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