Ezra the priest
The man who honored scripture

I. He was a student (Ezra 7:10)
   a. Studied the will of God as revealed in the Word.
II. He was an interpreter (Neh. 8:2-8)
   a. Gave the sence of the Word.
III. He was a copyist (Ezra 7:10-11)
   a. Preserved intact the very Word of God.
IV. He was an able administrator
   a. conducted Jewish exiles back to Jerusalem.

"Life & Labors"
A. Man of deep humility & self denial (Ez. 7:10-15)
B. Man of great learning (Ez. 7:10-8:21-23)
C. Man of great trustworthiness (Ez. 7:13,26)
D. Man anxious to commend His cause to others (Ez. 8:2-20)
E. Man who knew how to pray (Ez. 8:21-10:1)
F. Man deeply grieved over the sins of the people (Ez. 9:5-10:6)

*Ezra died at the age of 120 years.

*The key words of the book are:
Restoration, reorganization, reformation.

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