Abraham - Father of a Multitude
Introduction:Joshua 24:2 tells us Abrahamís Father was an Idolater. Initially He was a gentile who came from Ur. He was a Bedouin-like sheep Master. He uttered no Prophecy, wrote no book, sang no song, gave no laws yet he is spoken of as the father of the faithful and the friend of God. [Is. 41:8]

Points to Ponder:
I. Obedience [Gen. 12:4]
 A. Left home and friends.
II. Unselfishness [Gen. 13:9]
  A. Gave Lot his choice.
III. Courage [Gen. 14:14]
  A. Defeated the robber kings.
IV. Benevolence [Gen. 14:20]
  A. Gave tithes to God.
V. Incorruptibility [Gen. 14:23]
  A. Refuses to receive gifts for services.
VI. Mighty in Prayer [Gen. 18:23-33]
  A. Intercessory Prayer vital.
VII. Wonderful in Faith [Heb. 11:17 & Gen. 22]
  A. Willing to offer his son.

Lessons to be learned:
1] Faith has trials.
2] Faith shines through the clouds.
3] Faith in spite of trials glorifies God.

On a whole Abraham was the greatest, purest and most venerable of the patriarchs revered by Jews, Mohammedans and Christians.

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