Introduction: His name first occurs in the command given to the Prophet Elijah to anoint him as his successor(I Kings 19:16). He is to become mentor to Elisha. He finds Elisha engaged in plowing with twelve yoke of Oxen. He casts his mantle upon him transferring the role of leadership an the passing of the torch(I Kings 19:19). Receiving the double portion of the Spirit at the Jorden as Elijah is caught away(I Kings 2:15) his service extends over a sixty year period (B.C.892-832)

I.Bursting with energy (I Kings 19:19)
A.Man of means
B.God calls busy men

II.Totally Committed (I Kings 19:19-21)
A.Renunciation of the past

III.Completely Dependant (II Kings 2:9)
A.Sought essential equipment
B.Twice as much

IV.Spake with Authority (II Kings 3:16-17)
A.Enjoyed Divine Approval

V.Incorruptible Integrity (II Kings 5:16)
A.Accepted no Bribes

VI.Lived Victoriously (II Kings 6:15-16)
A.More than Conquerors
B.Seeing with the Eyes of Faith

VII.Enjoyed Spiritual Vision (II Kings 6:17)
A.Without a Vision People Perish (Pro.29:18)

VIII.Posthumous Influence (II Kings 13:20)
A.He being dead yet speaketh (Heb.11:4)

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