Enoch - Man of God

INTRODUCTION: He was the son of Jared (Gen.5:19) and the father of Methuselah (Gen.5:21). Arabs have a legend that Enoch invented writing and the Jews declare He left many books. In all of history only two men escaped death Enoch and Elijah.

I.He Walked With God (Gen.5:24)
   a.They had an agreement (Amos 3:3)

II.He Believed God (Heb.11:5)
   a.Unquestioning Faith

III.He Pleased God (Heb.11:5-6)
   a.Continuance In Well Doing (Gal.6:9)

IV.He Witnessed For God (Jude 14)
   a.Taking The Stand

V.He Was Translated By God (Gen.5:24)
   a.That He Should Not See Death

"And Enoch walked with God: and He was not;
for God took him." Gen.5:24

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