We are consistently striving for an ideal local church.We want the best; the most productive; the most capable organization possible. The ideal local church needs at least three qualities:
  One: A Minister like Peter (Acts 10:24-29) He responded to the call of God. He followed the guidance of the Holy Spirit. He showed a deep feeling of humility. I say, "Amen", and I Pray, "Lord help me to be a minister like Peter">

  Two: Lay leaders like Cornelius (Acts 10:30-33) He was a man who prayed before he acted. He was a man who gave freely as he prayed. He was a man who lived in the spirit of faith. I say, "Amen", and I pray,"Lord help our people to take a firm hold and make a lasting contribution to the building of the kingdom".

  Three: A Congregation like those in Caesarea (Acts 10:33-48) They came to church on time. It had priority in their lives. They heard the Word of God gladly. They received the Holy Spirit willingly. I say. "Amen", and I pray, "Lord give us a congregation openly responding to the Divine Will and freely allowing God acess to their lives".

  Together we can produce such a church in our community. Let us rise up and build an "Ideal Church".

Rev. W. Scott Lockard