The Song Jesus Sang

"When they had sang a hymn, They went out into the Mount of Olives." Mat. 26:30
Jesus is represented in the Word as many things:
  1. He is the Great Physician {Matt. 9:12}
  2. He is the Master Teacher {Matt. 5:2}
  3. He is the Perfect Preacher {Luke 4:18}
  4. He is the Qualified Counselor {Is. 9:6}
He is never thought of as a singer! I don't know whether He sang tenor, baritone or bass but it was no doubt the sweetest music this side of Heaven.

Copying with the calamity of the crucifixion He sang! He sang in the face of: betrayal by Judas {Mark 14:43-46}, denial by Peter {Matt. 26:69} and forsaking by the Disciples {Matt. 26:56}.

His was a song of sacrifice, consecration, mercy and redemption! He sang a song of victory in the face of defeat. He sang a song of life in the face of death. Yes Jesus was a singer. Can we do less? Let us sing a new song with radiant joy of the Lord and win the world to Christ!

Rev. W. Scott Lockard
©2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries