Hinderances to Revival

It is inevitable that twice a year we have a series of meetings and we designate them "Revival." We somehow expect that the evangelist or singers have the potential for revival in their pocket. Not so! I believe the absence of certain factors will make fertile ground for revival! Here are some hindrances:

  1. An unworthy walk will hinder Revival (eph. 4:1) God said, "I beseech you that ye walk worthy of the vocation wherewith ye are called." Our walk must measure our talk!
  2. An unlowly attitude will hinder Revival (Eph. 4:2) The tendency is too boast of what we are and what we have accomplished never forget we are only sinners saved by grace!
  3. A retarded growth hinders Revival (Eph. 4:14) The scriptures declare, "That we henceforth be no more children...." God's people have got to grow; to mature; to develop their spiritual lives. This development will precipitate revival.
  4. An unrecognized Responsibility hinders Revial (Eph. 4:25) We are members one of another. Compassion and concern must of necessity characterize our lives. We are our brother's keeper.
  5. A grieved Holy Spirit will hinder Revival (Eph. 4:30) The spirit is grived by sin in the life of the believer. The Word says, "If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me." (Psalm 66:18)
  6. An unforgiving Spirit hinders Revival (Eph. 4:32) Grudges must be relesed; differences must be settled; trespasses must be forgiven!

We can have revival if we rid our lives of these things. Let us do what it takes to bring revival in our day!

Rev. W. Scott Lockard

©2003 Pastor Lockard's Living on the Bright side Ministries