How to bore your class
                  1. Dominate the conversation.
                  2. Talk very slowly.
                  3. Talk very fast.
                  4. Talk without eye contact..
                  5. Talk "over their heads.'
                  6. Talk "under their intellegence."
                  7. Talk lots about yourself.
                  8. Talk in a monotone.
                  9. Talk without thinking.
                10. Just talk on....and on....and on.
                11. Somehow keep them Awake during all of the above
                12. Keep talking for several minutes after the final bell.
                13. Call them "disloyal" and "backsliders" when they start
                 attending another class.

Teaching Techniques
                 1. Do it differently (Change your methods)
                 2. Do it with excitement (If your excited someone
                     else will be)
                 3. Do it with concern (Let it be known you care)
                 4. Do it with a listening ear (Take time to listen)