"Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image...................." Exodus 20:4

   Moses had been gone for forty days. The people were wandering about as sheep without a shepherd. A deep sense of restlessness pervaded the camp. They conclude the situation is hopeless and turns to Moses' brother for guidance. In a moment of desperation they request that he make them a god who could guide them!

   Their cry was, "we don't know what happened to this Moses!" As a consequence Aaron gives instruction as to materials to be used. The coveted gold obtained from the Egyptians upon their departure was to be used in the carving of the golden calf. Upon it's completion they recognize the golden calf to be one of the gods of Egypt!

   Little did they realize that God had written the Decalogue with His fingers. Among the guidelines was commandment number two! God forbids the Israelites to engage in idolatrous behavior! The making of a idol as a source of worship was forbidden!

   Condemnation is not ascribed to the sculpturing of statuary or the painting of portraits but to worshipping said item. God has always frowned upon idolatry. Coming from the mountain Moses senses the wrath of God about to fall! In a moment of intense intersession he pleads with God to forgive mentioning how God had promised their ancestors the promised land with a population exceeding the stars in the heavens!

   As a result God changes His mind and grants Israel a reprieve on condition they avoid idolatrous relationships. I too intend to avoid any kind of idolatrous behavior. how about you?!

In Jesus;
W. Scott Lockard

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